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Mark is leaving the UK to Ghana to promote health and fitness awareness in the capital city of Accra from June 31st.

Also Mark will be promoting one of the biggest bodybuilding events in Africa which will be held in Ghana at the end of the year.



Mark took my training to a whole new level. Mark taught me it was not a matter of just picking a weight up and throwing it around to get big and fit. Mark instilled the discipline and knowledge to change my diet and training technique to get the phyique I always desired.
John Amuesi - 2012

I went from a size 12 and average weight to competition ready in a space of 6 months. Mark is a dedicated and knowledgable trainer.
Marta Dufkova - 2011
I am now the man I dreamed about being. Mark made this dream possible.
Marcus Wilde - 2012

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